Bioengineering not only helps people with disablilites, but it also pays well.

Biomedical Engineering Salary May 2014 (Top 5 States)

State Employment Hourly Mean Wages Anual Mean Wages
California 5,390 $49.46 $102,880
Massachusetts 2,090 $44.49 $92,530
Indiana 1,070 $32.16 $66,890
Pennsylvania 970 $38.01 $79,070
Minnesota 950 $54.20 $112,740

From this chart we can see that there are not many bioengineers in the United States, and considering that they pay well there is not much competition if one would like to have this job. Considering a career in bioengineering would be beneficial to you, but also to the people who will use the products from this field.